The first time MIA felt that rush, the tingling sensation, the hard thumping of her heart, the shortness of breath she knew that they were all symptoms of love. It didn’t help that every time she saw Augustine, she froze. Her instincts always took over, confidently flirting, trying to make it realize that she had feelings for him. While doing her best not to make it so obvious.

MIA fell for him when she watched him play basketball at the high school court. The way he moved, it was poetic. The the smooth motion of a stream. The fierce almost predatory look in his eyes as he dribbled towards the net, the way his body left the ground. It was like he was flying and when he released the ball into the net, a proud smile curved on her lips while her insides turned into jelly. MIA and Augustine were so close, they were passionate in everything that they did together. That included the fights.They would always find a way to be together, in the lunch room, on the basketball court, in the tuition center. Being with him made her feel whole somehow. Like she had found the missing link. It didn’t matter what kind of day she was having, when he gave her that slow sexy seductive smile she would immediately be in on cloud nine. Beauty was not a word she could use to define what he made her feel inside, it wasn’t enough of a word. All those corny phrases she had read in books and heard on television, the cuddly sensation, the heart skip a beat, she felt them all. Love is beautiful.

Amor, its a strange thing. It the best example of insanity. She loved him, he was like her pillar of strength. But when high school was over so were they.

MIA had tasted love and a great part of her never thought that she would ever find it again, not soon. But love is insanity. Although she still had deep feelings for Augustine, she couldn’t pass up the opportunity to know this other guy that walked into her life. Turning it up side down.


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