Letting go is not as easy as it seems.

Be it love, be it pain.

Letting go of true happiness, of the one you love.

The one your heart yearns for, who filled your heart with joy-once.

The one who filled your heart with pain.

The one you give your heart to, body and soul.

The one you lived your life for- for a while.

The love of your life, your one true love.


Letting go how do you do it.

When you love so much it hurts.

When you know this is, was true happiness.

How do you let go of life.

Because life without love is dead.

I don’t have the strength to let go.

The strength to loose you.

Why should I deprive my heart of love.

Should I let go of the hope that you love me.

That you want me.

I can’t loose hope, because hope is what’s keeping this broken heart together.

If you love me, save me from this pain, this loneliness that overwhelms me.



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