They should find a new level for crazy because I am loosing my mind. Yes moving on is good, that is if you know what you are moving on to. How are you supposed to forget something you’ve held on to for more than two years. Does closing your heart help, or is transferring that love to someone else better. I don’t know. But the thing is, I think I’m going to find out what loving me feel like.

So these are the things that I realized, the things I had to accept. i couldn’t change.

1. I was hurt, cheated on and I have to accept that it happened. No excuses. Facing the truth and dealing with it is healthy.

2. The hurt chooses who to love, so no matter how much I wish it, I can’t stop loving.

3. I hate the other woman and it’s time to stop being all zen about that. Fuck that.

4. No more stupid excuses to see him, to call him or to be around him. It’s time to spend some time with me.

5. Get that elephant tap dancing on my head off me.

6. Stop being so bitter. The resolution to never fall in love, leaving it to the iron hearts or for those who hate joy or are stupid enough to believe in forever- working on the bitter thing.

7. You are beautiful. Get back on your feet.



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