11043248_10153228868434381_1302505425980236370_nSo I recently got my make up done by a friend of mine. It looked good, but it didn’t look like me. I posted it on my facebook wall and while most guys were like Gorgeous, others were like, you are not that brown, what happened to your dark skin, don’t let them change you.

I had to defend the make up and my friend because, I think she was experimenting or practicing for her makeup you tube channel. She is light skinned, so she used the products that she had, i think for herself.  To find a nautural blend I usually use both Lancome Teint Miracle which is really dark and Revlon Nearly Naked to balance out, or nothing at all. I like the character on my face i.e bumps, dark spots e.t.c. Women go a long way to hide their real faces, something that I do not understand why.

But anywhere, I think there is a need for makeup for dark skinned beauties. If they are out there I have not seen them yet.

Moral of the story, when you look at yourself in the mirror, make sure you can see yourself.

My style, natural pallet on the eyes and a dark or nude lip.

Me without makeup (don’t mind girl in the back, my twin)


Me without foundation



Me with my makeup done

IMG-20150311-WA0002 IMG-20150311-WA0003

check this pin board for makeup for dark skinned girls.


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