First of all I blame this team stuff on Twilight, I also blame Twilight for 50 Shades, or maybe i should blame that on Beauty and the Beast. The cartoon was what introduce the emotionally distant, growling man who lived in a castle…anyway back to my topic.

Natural hair, when I was younger I used to hate my natural hair. There was absolutely nothing I could do with it. It couldn’t be style because an hour after being straightened it would prove how much of a waste my day was, and how trying to tame it was equivalent to throwing money in the toilet.

hair 3So when I was 14 and headed off to boarding school (in Kenya it is not punishment, it is an experience, sometime wonderful that will change your life) i relaxed it. It was great, who doesn’t like that Titanic wind in the hair thing. I kept it like that from 2002 to 2014. In 2013 i noticed that it kept breaking, so i had my last perm on graduation day Feb 2014.

I decided let’s try natural. What i didn’t know is apparently the whole world had made this decision with me. I was glad to realize I was not the only crazy one. Since everyone in the world was so far away I dragged my twin into this commitment with me. I must say its the longest committed relationship we have both been in. I think its because I know what to expect from my hair, I know it will be a bitch to me sometimes, but I am also very sure that if I treat it right it will never betray

So I hated how it looked. It was curly at the bottom and looking crazy at the top. I started braiding it because I wasn’t ready to cut it all off. After a month I realized I didn’t know what the hell I was doing, so I turned to the biggest information center ever known to man, YOUTUBE!

I learned that I was doing ‘some’ of the transitioning right. This is when I discovered that a natural hair journey is like being in a committed relationship. You have to first get to know your hair, you have to pay attention,treat it right, then like a mother you have to nourish it. It’s a lot of work that should not be done  by people who are not consistent. Oh, and then you have to learn about products, no petroleum or anything that sounds like it.

Three terms you have to live by CONDITION & MOISTURIZE & PROTECTIVE STYLING. Easy right? NO! because then you have to find the time to do all that. Below is what I use for my hair. I am still trying to find my one, but I alternate with these. research find out what is right for your hair.

gro strong mayo mega







CAM00136And to keep my sanity I braid (box braids or cornrows, unity is strength)CAM00146-1 my hair three weeks in a month and on the fourth week, I leave it open or in flat-twists. CAM00164






I have a spritz bottle that I mix in water, live in treatment & conditioner and scalp treatment in. I use it four times a week, before I go to bed. That is when my hair is in braids.

amla bs soft





When it is in flat-twists  I condition it, while plated, don’t do it open, you will regret that decision, then use Coconut or Olive oil or Shea butter, to seal in the moisture and for the stop breakage.

shea olive coco





People usually focus all their attention on the roots, yes that is where the hair grows from. But the reason people don’t retain length is that they don’t pay attention to the ends of the hair. That is where is breaks off.


I shampoo once a week and I use Amla oil, Dark and Lovely. It doesn’t leave the hair stiff and like sisal. Heat, some people say none at all, but I do it once a week. This is for the benefit of my stylist who has to braid my mane.

So before you transition, find out all that you need to know. Good luck, you are going to need it.

Natural Hair 101; Curl Centric

5 Things to Know about Transitioning

Natural Hair Tutorials


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