Ronald Moody: Archival explorations of a Black Jamaican artist in interwar London

Media Diversified

by Gemma Romain,

For the past three years Caroline Bressey and I have been researching interwar Black history in relation to London’s art world. The African and Asian presence in Britain in this period is fascinating and crucial to our understanding of modern British history, yet it has been systematically neglected within British historiography. Those who have worked to combat this neglect include Hakim Adi, who has published several important books reflecting on anti-colonial, Pan-African and communist politics in relation to the African diaspora in the early twentieth century; Rozina Visram who has published pioneering works on Asian history in modern Britain; and Susheila Nasta who led the recent Making Britain project.

In our work, we have explored how artists, anti-colonial and Pan-African activists, writers, musicians, performers and others from diverse ethnic and social backgrounds interacted with each another. Our focus has been on exploring the lives and…

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