Hey guys,


The FaFa Neighbourhood Market has a new date, but same venue.

FaFa would like to introduce you to a new FAFA initiative – FAFA Neighborhood Market.
This is a market that we will held every 2nd Saturday of the month at G Pot Kilimani.
It’s an opportunity for people who live within Kilimani and beyond to meet, shop, eat, drink and have a good time.

The market will include pop up shops by fashion designers, organic farmers, mobile bars and Nairobi’s coolest DJs

Designer Stalls are going for Ksh.2000

Food Stalls are going for Ksh. 5000

All are welcome.

Go to the Event page and invite all your friends and family.


So now that I have posted FaFa’s event description, let’s move on.


My sister and I have always wanted to do fashion. I want a store, something that I can see and touch, know that my dreams are becoming a reality. And as for my sister, she loves runway shows. She won’t let me post her designs because she says they will be stolen…ok…maybe…yes. So although we will not be taking part this month, in  May we will be having our own stall under the name ZFC. But until then, on the 11th of April we will be there to support Kenyan fashion.


Turn up, I mean come and show your support for Kenyan Fashion.


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