Show Up +254



So the Brads Fashion Show was last Friday the 5th at the Safaricom House, Michael Joseph Centre, Westlands.  I didn’t get to go. The rains have been crazy and I am not a fun of driving in the middle of the night in a storm. But I did get to attend the ‘virtual’ show. Yes I missed the, what i assume, was incredible vibe and atmosphere, meeting new people and enjoying the movement of the clothes…you know as they walk down the runway, but i got to see the pictures on their facebook page. They did garments and accessories and I have my favorites. I don’t know the designers or anything like that (not mentioned in pics). Obviously not all of them have been uploaded, but when they are i will let you know.

10. Fun with color and shapes.

Shapes and colors are a popular trend used to define your complexion and the contours, shape, proportions your body. I love the purple of the jacket because it brings out her rich chocolate skin. The shapes on the skirt actually just makes it visually appealing. I love how it bring out her curvy hips. (maybe she is naturally curvy.)

10352792_296947413762511_2864305385370319231_n9. Daring.

I got a dominatrix vibe from this and plus I love dressing in black. I love the fun layers of the skirt. It brings the rated R of the top down to a PG.


8. Casual to Formal.

I love the jacket, the bracelet like detail, the buttons and the peek a boo print, not so much the color. I tend to go to the polar sides of the color wheel. Either very bold or very sweet, light. Honestly I love monochrome. This would be great with leggins if you are going somewhere with your parents, then peel off the leggins when your meeting up with your friends later on. Its a Day to night kind of look.


7. Fun and Flirty

Who doesn’t want to have a Merilyn Monroe moment. Love the one sleeve, the detail on the waist and neckline is simple but effective. I am not a fan of dresses but I would definitely wear this one.


6. Sexy comfort.

Shapes and color making a comeback.

Everyone likes to get dressed up and look hot, I also love being comfortable. But the best thing is if you can do all that and still feel free. Its relaxing when you are not snatched up and squeezed everywhere. I think women look sexier when they are relaxed. It soothes a mind knowing you can laugh without risking popping a button.


5. Sneaking out.

I love the bold color on this, i want to say jump suit. It seems like it is one piece, but it might be a two piece. Can’t really tell with this picture. I would probably wear this in a place where there are no cameras and no one know me. My mother would kill me. I love how daring it is, too much skin, side boob sneaking a peek, but it is very striking. I love it.

10501928_296947480429171_6262476111782613741_n4. That’s my guy.

He is looking on point. It’s a perfect two look with #2. I would probably take off the chain around his neck.  Its a good look, but it probably needs a pop of color. Maybe if his shirt was blue. the jacket could definitely complement anything one chooses to wear.

22514_296947083762544_5221290259952988148_n3. Black and Gold.

As I mentioned I love wearing black and any other bold colors. But there is nothing as classic as a black and gold. The dress is free and flowy and gives her that effortless beauty look.

11401529_296947230429196_2201942210662902232_n2. I am Here.

When I look at this dress that is what I see and what I feel. It doesn’t need any help, accessory wise. The different print fabrics, the color do all the work. All a girl needs to wear this is a smile.


1.  Standing Ovation.

Yes, you may think it is weird that this is my #1 pick, but I love pants, shoes and jackets and I adore bold colors and structured clothes. Although her hair kind of covers it up, the print on the jacket applauds the blue. The purple and blue is an example of excellent color blocking. The black boots just brings it home for me. Overall look is 100.


So guys check out the Brads FB page. Check out the other designs and loads of shirtless men. And below are some of the accessories that were shown.

11108402_296947637095822_5252328474642779718_n 11377125_296947623762490_6343629861245410120_n 11406527_296947747095811_718589627352727876_n

Support local, Show Up +254.



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