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“Eve! He is back, your handsome American.”
Eyvette wrung the towel cloth in her hands. Nervous didn’t begin to describe how she felt each time the man came to the café. Eyvette’s reaction had always been to hide behind the counter, listen to him order, and melt in her own piece of heaven. His voice was rich and deep, and it poured over her like warmed syrup.
“Mon Dieu, Eve, if you do not go out there and stake your claim, I will.”
Eyvette watched the petite blonde as she salivated over her man. She was sure, once Sophie went out there to introduce herself, there would be no chance for her. That is why she often pulled Sophie down with her when the man entered the café.
“He ordered a coffee,” Philippe, her boss and one time boyfriend, said as he worked the cash register. “He is not going…

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