It’s been a while. I have been busy trying to finish up my books due for this year.

So my hair routine, for those who read this, yes all three of you, you already know the products that I put in my hair. Someone asked me how I get my hair looking so healthy and how I retain length.


Out of 30 days in the month my hair is only open for three days and at most a week, and styled as above. I don’t give my fingers a chance to play with my hair. I keep my hair in one protective style for 3 and a half to some times 6 weeks at a time, depending on the size of my braids.

Usually people don’t bother with their braids after its been installed. So below is my to do list when it comes to hair in braids.

    1. Consider the texture of the hair extensions. Some are very heavy and others are light. Avoid the sis-ally textured ones. Go for Hydrophilic fiber (water loving), Kanekalon &  Afrelle they are lightweight,  soft to the touch, with delicate texture and protect your hair. (If you are in Kenya, I use Darling Jumbo Braids.)
    2. Don’t over-style the braids. Pulling the braids in a different directions during the day only causes stress to your scalp. Some braids are very heavy, so it is especially detrimental for your edges. If hold your hair tightly in a pony tail, you keep pulling on your edges causing you to loose your hairline. Pick a style that works with your hair best. Watch out for your edges at all times. If you can avoid braiding the front of your hair do it. I usually do lines on my edges, don’t add extensions of string. of it is not meant to be held do not force it. IMG_20150815_205229
    3. Moisturize your hair within the braids. At the end of every week, I massage my scalp and gently wash the length of the braids with conditioner and warm water. Dry the excess water with a towel. Smooth an oil of your choice, I go for coconut for its penetration power and let your hair air dry. It may seem excessive to do it every week, but you can work with a schedule that is god for you.
    4. Most importantly every night, i at times forget and don’t manage to do this every night, but moisturize your scalp. In my spray bottle, I have a scalp treatment, coconut oil and to that i add warm water. A couple of spritzes, don’t make your scalp damp.
    5. Lastly sleep on a satin pillow or use a satin scarf. I go for the pillow. Hold your hair loosely when you go to sleep, avoid it getting tangled and pulled as you toss and turn.

Thanks for sticking with me. My next blog will be about the take down and prepping my hair for new extensions.


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