My Black Skin – Poem by Paul Trotter

The first thing you see when you see me
The last thing you think of when you think of free
There lies the pain the years of blame
My black skin calls to you, speaks to you, and has a name
Stained by grace labeled a race
Destroyed by fear
Whipped through the years
Pain surrounds the name that’s found
In chains it’s been bound
Cut through the years was my black skin
Running with tears was my black skin
I hold you dear my black skin
For you speak of a time when time began
The loneliness in the darkness without one friend
Where is my home when do I belong
The strength of my skin is spoken in song
The moans through time as beaten it was
The strength is mine to choose to love
My black skin till the day I die
Will lead my people beyond the cries
For a world that’s true and a time that right
On bended knee I’ll win my fight



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