As promised a post about my take down.


So after having my braids in for three to six weeks depending on the size of the braids, I take them out and prep for my next installation. First I cut the braids two or three inches from where my hair reaches. This is where it gets a little weird. I mix warm water and conditioner in a bucket and soak my hair. How you may ask, by inverting my head. This is a great opportunity for putting the inversion method to work.

*Inversion method; is when you put your head down and allow the blood to rush to your scalp. Be careful because you could get dizzy. Don’t do it for too long I usually do it for a song. The tips of my fingers coated with a natural oil of my choice and I massage my scalp. It stimulates hair growth. (Tutorial here)

I then towel dry my hair to remove the excess water. After a few hours, when the braids are damp to the touch, not wet I use my fingers to remove the extensions. Slowly and carefully so as to not break my hair. I do it in sections, once I am done with a section, I De-tangle and do a chunky braid.

Once that is done I let my head rest for a night and a day. The next evening I wash my hair with a 1:3 mixture of oil refiling shampoo and conditioner. because I massage my scalp with a rinse off conditioner at the end of every week, my scalp isn’t that dirty.

Then I deep condition my hair, rinse it out the next morning, put a leave in moisturizer and oil, green house for the night.

**Greenhouse method. Its moisturizing your hair and massaging an oil of your choice into your scalp and hair, then putting on a shower cap on your head. I do this at night and sleep with two beanies on, keeping me from interfering with it. It’s like hot oil, but more like warm oil. Your scalp with grow warm over night, it stimulates growth. (Tutorial here & Read more about it here)

I let my hair air dry before putting it in a very simple protective style. (click here and find out which works for you & click here for tutorial)


My products below.

mayo    megacocoamla


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