This gal I know...M.I.A

So I bought a camera, it was an okay price.The thing is I always wanted one, but always held myself back from buying one. Then one day my big sis says, don’t buy it. And guess what, the next day I got myself one. I am wired that way, its insanity, once someone tells me not to, or you can’t, i just go ahead and do it. I guess I take it as a dare. So this is one of the first pictures I took with my Nikon.

This is in South C, right outside my estate.


It doesn’t matter tat her source of livelihood sits a few inches way from a ‘mtaro’ or that the smell, is at times too much to bear or that there is dirt, dust, trash around her.  She does what she has to do to provide for her family.

The moments when you weigh…

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