Hi guys!

I have been a little lazy with the posts. Held up by so much. I am trying to get my books out. (Click here)

This weekend I don’t have much for you, because I couldn’t find the time to research and write the post properly. So next week, will be Fashion Week in Nairobi. Posts for that will probably go up on Monday and the following Saturday and Sunday. But this weekend I will have posts up for ‘TERMINAL GROWTH’ ‘GREEN JUICE & NATURAL HAIR’ and ‘Let Me Introduce you to a sound’

So Until then…..this weekend I attended the opening of a Hair Salon in Nairobi. It was an event that was also attended by Dark and Lovely.

IMG_20151009_183611 IMG_20151009_174154

I was mostly excited about the goody bags. Zenred caters to natural Hair and they do not try to force their wishes on you. We have all been to that stylist whose like, just put a little to help it be manageable. They have all the products your hair needs at affordable prices. Check out their website ZenRed to find out more.

IMG_20151009_184018 IMG_20151009_174419


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PS. If you want me to check out stuff for you let me know in the comments. I am am very good at researching.


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