#NFM was last weekend.


For those who managed to attend, they got to enjoy the vibrant colors and designs that Kenyan designers had to offer. It was a little bit like an Arts Festival with Music, Food and Fashion.  It was a good place to meet up with friends whom you hadn’t seen during the week and have fun. In step with the event name, Nairobians came dressed in their best fashion pieces, shoes, hats accessories all spotlighting African fabrics and patterns.



I didn’t have that many favorites this year, but here is what caught my eye. (Photo credits to the respective photographers.) If you want to see more, visit the NFM Facebook page.


I really loved what the designer was wearing. She is the one in the black pants and blue train sweetheart top.



The Masala fabric has become a huge rage in Kenyan Fashion. Albeit over used, it never fails to leave an impression. I love how the bold print blends in with the white. I can’t help but imagine how it would look against red or black.12122542_1184619294883380_9075358632882630308_n

i loved this skirt.

So next up on the fashion calendar (that I am aware of) is the USIU Fashion week on the 11th of November.


Enjoy your #Fashionfriday #suport254


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