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First of all if you have every intention of growing your hair long and healthy like I am, continue reading. If you are just into the one week fix. Have your hair looking mighty fine for just sometime, move it along because you won’t like this post.

I think in previous posts I have talked about hair breakage and stuff. This post in relation to terminal growth, your hair not growing past a certain point. I remember from when I was little through to high school and uni, my hair never went below my shoulders. I used to wonder why. That’s when I believed that black people couldn’t grow hair at all. Now one and a half years into my natural hair journey and my hair is at its longest.

Breakage is like a nightmare for me. Honestly I would rather my hair breaks than shed. Weird right. But when you understand the difference you’ll understand me. Check SHEDDING AND BREAKING to know the difference.

So here at the ways you are damaging your hair and ultimately causing terminal growth. (except for genetics and age, noway I can help with that)

“Hair is fiber, much like wool,” says Paradi Mirmirani, MD, a staff dermatologist at the Permanente Medical Group in Vallejo, Calif. “It’s bundled together tightly in the middle and protected on the outside by a cuticle.” (Source Web MD)

  1. Chemicals, that penetrates your hair cuticles and remove your natural pigment or change your hair structure, breaking the inner bonds of your hair and re-forming them in a different way, leaves your hair prone to damage. Bleaching, Perms, Highlights and coloring, alter the strength of your hair. The lesser evil of the three would be coloring. I watched a video by Naptural85 and AlleySinai and according to them, darker hair dyes add nutrients to the hair. That is any color that does not need you to lighten your natural hair. So this chemicals promote dry hair. if you color your hair from the roots, this gives your hair a greater chance of breaking longer, as in from the top of your head. But if your up your moisturizing and sealing game, you have a better chance of protecting your hair from looking lackluster, dry and stopping it from breaking. Listen, those girls in the commercials and on the boxes are probably just CGI. Unless its right in front of your face, don’t believe it. And don’t go like, oh this celebrity had I don’t know how many colors in her hair. She has a glam team and don’t forget Fergie and Ariana Grande had moments when their hair went through a crises.nn tt
  2. Too much heat, so once you’ve gone from natural black and platinum blonde, you have to style it right. Your hair is already weak but here you come with a flat iron. “Heat causes temporary changes to the hydrogen bonds that hold hair together,” Mirmirani says, and that can make hair look dull. Over time, the temporary changes can lead to more permanent damage if you tend to blow dry or iron on a daily basis.
  3.  Shampoo’s role in your hair is to strip impurities and moisture from your hair. It’s good versus evil when it comes to shampoo. I shampoo my hair once a month and co-wash once a month and yes my hair is clean, no it does not smell and no it’s not itchy. Plus when you was your hair there is this movement you do with your fingers and hands. Listen, the reason I wash my hair on my own is because for some reason, stylists think that just because my hair is think, there are alien inhabitants on my scalp. They start scratching, leaving me with wounds and in the process destroying my cuticles. Less vigorous washing cause the loss of less moisture and protection of your cuticles.
  4. Yes, this will only require one sentence. The 100 strokes a day is well….BULLSHIT! Put that brush down, put that comb down, arrest your fingers if you have to. Keep your OCD out of your hair and into cleaning your house. Too much friction in your hair, causes split ends and breakage. De-tangle with your fingers once you wash and use a wide tooth comb on your hair. Cheap brushes don’t help either, causing snags and tangles that are hard to get out and resulting in broken hair and split ends.yyy
  5. Overstyling. Have you ever seen those girls that force their hair into submission, because they are after that ponytail. “You shall obey” have you also noticed that those girls have no edge, and their hair line start from behind their ears. You don’t want to be that girl. Loose ponytails also look sexy. When it comes to weaves, just make sure your stylist has your best interests at heart, the same thing goes for braiding. Once you pull your hair out from the root, a bald spot is what’s in your cards. I used to have one at the very front of my hair, when I decided to grow my hair, I read about hot oil and stimulating my roots back to life. One and a half years later and I have just about an inch of life.

We all want to look good, we just have to be smart about it.


So as for diet and skin conditions check out these posts THE DJ GAME AND WANT TO GROW YOUR HAIR, to find out more.

So next week I will talk about braiding and extensions. Look forward to it. Until then I leave you with this beautiful sound. Follow me on Facebook


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