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So recently I have been a little fascinated by my curl patterns. I researched and read plenty of posts that talk about curl patterns. All of them say that your curl pattern cannot change, because

  • Your curl pattern is determined by genes.
  • Some people’s hair is curly, other people have kinky hair. You cannot change that.
  • Although you cannot change your curl pattern at all EVER you can manipulate it with styling techniques.
  • Curly and kinky hair types are both cool and beautiful.


I guess most of these posts were written because 4c naturals hated their “kinky” hair and wanted “kurls”. I am not quite sure I care either way. My goal with going natural was that I didn’t like how weak, dry and brown relaxers left my hair. I wanted it healthy and long. When I first transitioned, obviously I chopped off all the relaxed parts of my hair. No, I have no pictures. I literally had my hair out when it was short for one night. The next day I had it in braids No hair wasn’t a good look for me.

Anyway the curl pattern was looser and the texture was softer.

At four inches I have 50% reversion when it was wet, but now at 9 inches I have 75%. Yes, I know what I’m saying and no I’m not crazy. My twin and I used to have very different hair textures and curl patterns. But now it is similar, not the same but similar.


So here is what I found out.

  1. If you want to find out your hair natural curl pattern you have to keep it very moisturized. I noticed the 75% reversion after I became diligent with the moisturizing and protein treatments.Basically keeping the hair in a healthy state.
  2. Hair appears looser if you keep coating it with a whole lot of unnecessary products. The hair is weighed down and suffocated. Try the no product test.The thing to remember is whatever your hair looks like dry with no product is your true texture and how your hair wants to behave. If you have curl/coil definition with no product then you have a hair pattern that naturally wants to curl or coil, and you will probably be able to wear curlier styles for longer periods with the right products. But if your hair draws up and/or gets frizzy with no pattern, that’s what your hair wants to do naturally.
  3. Stretching your hair will give your hair a deceptive appearance. Before I would wash my hair, condition and treat my hair in sections secured in a two strand twist after de-tangling. I still do that but these days after doing everything, during he final rinse I take out my hair and it shrinks back up to its natural state.

Hair texture does change as you grow. To find out more about it check out Naturally Curly’s post.

BTW, i love the kinks. It’s nice to know that I don’t have a choice of how tight it is. The tighter the better for me. And I like that even if i style it, it can go back to being kinky.

There are plenty of videos tutorials on the internet. I mostly watch Alley Sinai, Glam Twins or Naptural85 videos. But 10/10 times i can only relate to Naptual85’s videos. The end result from the looks she had are what are similar to mine.

tt rr







Bottom line guys, love your hair as it is. Get to know your hair texture and accept it.


(Sources, Naptural Curly, Bustle, Naturally Curly,)

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