It’s been a minute. Kind of held up by life plus third world internet issues.

So I heard this lie, I am calling it a lie because that is what it is. That you can loose your natural curl pattern without using chemicals. Apparently if you use a blow dry or flat iron or curling iron you loose your natural curl pattern. I’m thinking this person was talking about heat damage. It is a known fact that going too crazy with heat will leave your ends looking a little ugly and straighter than the rest of your hair. Your natural curl pattern however, does gradually change in according to age, if you are a natural, something that happens every five to seven years due to hormones and not instantly.

So if you feel that your curl pattern is looking a little peculiar, like there is a stranger on your head, you need to think about your regiment and the protective style you have been doing.



  1. Twists and three strand plaits will give your hair a different look. However once you get your hair wet it will go back to normal.
  2. How much product have you been using on your hair. An overdose of product will weigh down your hair giving it a straighter looking appearance.

So how to restore the bounce in your hair, its actually very easy.

  1. Clarify your hair. The easiest way is to just shampoo. But then shampooing your hair does strip it of its natural oils. So instead use apple cider vinegar, and if you can’t find this, I use tea and baking soda. I’m not a huge fan of the ACV. I watched a video where a girl uses coca cola to rinse out her hair, the results were amazing. i just felt it was a waste of soda. Anyway the point is this, clarifying removes all the excess product from your hair, condition and put an oil of your choice. Use minimal amounts otherwise you are back to square one.
  2. Reduce the amount of heat on your hair. I am not going to preach no heat and be a hypocrite. I ‘stretch’ i say stretch because I only blow dry my hair enough for it to not be a nuisance to my stylist as she plaits my hair. Use heat protector. I use Creme of Nature Morroccan Argan oil, Dark and Lovely Amla Legend Oil of 7 Wonders, Mega Growth Moisture Lotion and Mega Growth Replenish Oil.heat
  3. Take off the damaged ends of your hair Holding onto damaged ends leads to hair breakage. Especially if you do those small braids. It’s the holidays so guys are getting them installed. When you take down your hair, you will get the shock of your life. Been there, I cried.
  4. Protein treatment & Moisturizing treatments. Do I need to say more on this. Go back to my old posts and read about them.
  5. So Wash and go. Listen I never do wash and go’s so I can’t 100 percent advocate for them. I’m all about the protective styling. This is the thing, it’s an excellent way to keep your hair moisturized, especially the prepping for it. But then there is the exposure to the elements thing. Anyway it is awesome because of the leave in, water based get and oil that is used to make it look so tasty. This also can lead to product build up and lazy curls. So watch out for that.

Basically, don’t go crazy with the products, limit the amount of heat you use. I do it once a month and keep the hair moisturized.

Love you guys. Next week. Holiday styles.

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