It’s December!!!!!

I know it was December like two weeks ago. But now or two weeks ago, that guys are now starting to prepare for the holidays. For those who prepped well, you saved just enough to blow it through to the 2nd of January 2016. I am not here to tell you about how to manage your holidays, (although:excessive drinking is harmful to your health, don’t drink and drive respect other people’s lives on the road, stay safe and treat each other kindly.) I am here to tell you how to manage your hair. This goes to both naturals and creamy crack lovers.

I am actually not going to re-write everything I have written for half this year, but I will link it. Popular holiday style are braids so,in regards to that.

  1. Take care of your scalp, THE SCALP DJ GAME
  2. Prep your hair for extensions, THE CYCLE 1
  3. Pick a healthy braiding style. Healthy for your hair that is. BRAIDS, BRAIDS, BRAIDS!!!
  4. Take care of your braids. THE CYCLE 2

For my international lovers, if you are traveling to Kenya check out this blog. TOP TEN THINGS TO DO IN KENYA

And if you can’t travel this year and would like to share the excitement with someone. Check out this ever loving traveler. THE DREAD STRIDER


Until next year, friends stay safe and stay loved. Mind your neighbors and your family.




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