Hey guys!!!

So when you are dark skinned there aren’t that many lip colors that will prevent you from looking like a total clown. There is clear lip gloss, nude, purples are great and then there is the dreaded red.


I say dreaded because if you wear it wrong, you kind of end up looking like that black face character, we all know which one. So how to wear the perfect red? I don’t know. But that doesn’t keep me from wearing it. Lucky for me I have a sister, who always sees me leave the house, so I have an extra set of eyes. For those moments that vanity cloud my eyes and better judgement.

I think You Tube should now rename themselves as How You Tube. I learnt how to do a red lip from a tutorial I saw on you tube by Cydneee Black and Destiny Godley.

br5 br4







They have different tutorials and make up tips for those lost in translation.

Check out this video  ‘

This was short.

So guys, my posts ‘may’ still be up every Sunday or linked to a different website. I got an internship at Couture Magazine and I will be focusing more on that. Check out and like their FB page.

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