Oh my lovelies! its been a while.

I am hard at work with COUTURE Africa, my Fashion Company and My script writing hustle.  So in one word 2016 so far has been good to me. In two days I will be turning 27! Yikes! I’m not afraid of aging I actually look forward to it. I’m just terrified of not hitting the milestones I set for myself with each new year. So far i am two years behind but I am diligently playing catch up.

Soon my Photo section won’t be empty, I am determined to find time to do everything I love and set myself out to do.

Anywhoooo…. I saw a question someone posted ….. DOES PROTECTIVE STYLE HELP YOUR HAIR GROW….and the answer is….NO!

This is a myth that I grew up with, so I would alsways have my hair braided, hoping that somehow the tight cornrows or braids will encourage my hair to grow out of my scalp by tagging tightly. 🙂 hehe, ya! nope! doesn’t work.

Protective style DO NOT help hair grow but they DO HELP RETAIN LENGTH.

How you ask?



  1. Protective styling is a very important aspect of a hair regimen. It is one of the best ways to minimise breakage because it protects the ends of hair which is where a lot of damage and breakage occurs. Unless you have underlying conditions, illness, genetics, or something hair will always grow out of your scalp.
  2. A protective style is a hair style that protects hair ends from everyday exposure to the elements;sun, wind etc.
  3. It should keep hair ends/tips off the shoulders. This basically means that the ends of the hair, which are the oldest and weakest parts of our hair, should be tucked away or hidden to prevent it from getting dry and damaged from rubbing on your shoulders and
  4. A protective style should not require heat or too much manipulation (combing, brushing, pulling) to create. Heat and too much manipulation leaves hair weak and prone to breakage. If we leave our hair down, comb and play with it all the time there will be a lot of wear and tear on our hair. It may become excessively dry and this could eventually lead to breakage.

Off course our hair can be worn out or down or “enjoyed” from time to time, however wearing it down daily or too often is not advisable.

This week I am going to cover PS. before going back into my writing cave. Don’t forget to like my FB page. and check out Couture Africa.


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