AFRICAN PRINTS- Dashiki Madness

African fashion styles are free flow, they are mixed with our own custom styles and beautiful colors. Even when combined with the western style of clothing, the colors and patters are never overpowered and the outfits still remain ‘African’.


The Dashiki print in on a rage now in Africa. Strangely enough it first trended abroad and only took off in Africa in the past year. Wolf pack syndrome anymore. Things can only be called a trend when a bunch of people pick it up. But trends don’t last that long.


Some of the trends that came, saw and didn’t quite conquer (according to Cosmopolitan Magazine) are metal belts, primary colored jeans, harem pants, liquid leggings and my favorite, which I would still wear today, sneaker wedges. A wedge and a sneaker, my two favorite shoes combined is just genius.


The Dashiki, unlike other trends doesn’t seem like it will dies down so soon. It is the first and possibly the only trend that has swept across Africa and countries abroad under the African Fashion Banner, thank you Ghana and the genius mind behind the Dashiki pattern. A well drawn pattern that is appealing to the eye, isn’t enough of a description for it.(F.G)

12308081_1643273322594908_7035893417995492280_o 12096623_1633297896925784_1627461596070036863_n






(clothes by Zingundu Fashion Creationz)



I can proudly say that the Maasai Shuka is a close runner up. Only because it’s not much of a trend but a must have, just ask Louis Vuitton (D.N) 2012 Summer collection.



So what are your favorite African print colors or patterns?


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