Sot its now the end of February, exactly two months since you made your New Years Resolutions lists. That means, January- the test drive month is gone. And February- the I’m really going to do it month is now coming to an end.

Whatever you set out to do on 1st of 1st of 2016, you’ve probably not done it, promises you made to yourself and broken them. This is the thing though, 2016 still has ten more months for you to make good on your resolutions.


Here are some tips:

  1. Before making resolutions, be realistic. Making unattainable goals is the surest was of failing. Strive for a goal that is attainable.
  2. It has to be something you really want. it’s not a should, or an if or a whatever. Put some thought into it. It’s not what mom, dad, hubby or wifey wants. It should fit into your values, your big picture.
  3. New Year resolutions should be planned way before Dec 31st. Make a plan so that when 1st of 1st rings in all you have to do is implement.
  4. Outline your plan, have back ups for back up and most importantly have incentives, motivation. Make sure you have something that will drive you towards your goal every day and fail safe, just in case you get too lazy to do them. e.g a friend who will help you.res3
  5. Limit your plan to a number that you can handle. Keep two or three that you really intend to keep and have already planned for. Have like two major, long term goals and maybe three or four short term that lead you into the long term. Focus on what you truly want.
  6. Automate. if your goals are financially based it increases your chances of success if you keep track of your money. Calculate the amount out of each check you receive and have it automatically deposited into a savings account.res5
  7. Don’t keep it a secret, say it out loud. Let people know that way your friends and family can support, help and motivate you into working hard towards your goals.
  8. Be prepared to change your habits and routines. Be honest with yourself. Know what is possible to change and what is not. Don’t sabotage your goals just because you are too lazy to change.
  9. Set a reward system. Give yourself a present for each stage you manage to accomplish as you work towards your goal. If you want to save cash for a trip or something, make sure you don’t blow through your budget for momentary gratification. Don’t forget the big picture.
  10. Track your progress, keep a journal, a map, something that you can see each day and know where you are at. Short term goals are easier to keep than long term goals. Build small term goals into long term goals. Accomplishing something small each day will keep you motivated as you work towards your long term goal.
  11. It’s okay to slip up once or twice, just don’t give up. Don’t beat yourself up about it and stick to it. Life has too many surprises to think everything is going to go your way.res



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