It feels weird being here and not on the work site. It’s been that long. No hair hacks for you this time, maybe at the end of the week.

So #GoodmorningMonday, try saying that with a smile on your face…yup…uh-uh…not happening.


Monday has been called many things, most depressing day of the week, day of the devil, the day you realize you need to go to this evil (for some of us) place where they keep you electricity, wi-fi, food and spending money.

So here is how you face Monday, like I do 🙂

  1. Do something you love, so that everyday is just like the others. Don’t survive in the job you are in, it’s not an endurance competition. It’s life, enjoy it, it’s shorter than you think.
  2. Surround yourself with a positive atmosphere, this included people. Monday sets the tone for your week, don’t ruin what could be a great week because of one Debbie Downer.
  3. Find purpose. What’s your end goal, or are you just dragging your feet around the same place. Walking on the pavement and terrified of stepping on the grass. Change is probably one of the most terrifying things for me, the new environment. I am currently preparing myself for a huge change, so that when that time arrives I have no excuses. Regrets is more terrifying than anything else out there.

Make an effort to live, to be happy. Don’t be too focused n work and forget everything else. Love is beautiful, family or boyfriends (applications currently being accepted) or girlfriends. There has to be something that makes you warm up inside, makes you want to smile, dance, something.

It’s not about perfect, it’s about effort.  And when you bring that effort every single day, that’s where transformation happens.  That’s how change occurs.” Jillian Micheals.


I live you with this peppy song by #A-Pink.

Good Morning Baby.


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