This Is The Best Photo Shoot You’ve Seen In A Long Time!

Best Model Reviews Africa

Time to time, I often bump into amazing photography and imagery. I am a huge fan of everything art – from music videos to film, painting and poetry. I love to collect spectacular imagery (one of the reasons I started BMRA) and because of that, I’ve discovered the creative director in me.

A couple months ago, I was on Instagram and by luck, I got to discover Lyra Aoko’s photography project themed “Chorwa”. In Swahili, that basically means being drawn on.

Picture yourself having a tattoo, but in this case, the lifestyle and fashion photographer used colorful matte and two gorgeous models – Tendai Makeri and Bamidele Malaika. The final product was well, mind-blowing.

On a side-note, the blogger has been nominated in the 2016 BAKE awards, the premier blogging awards in Kenya.

I loved the shoot not only because Tendai and Bamidele are exceptionally beautiful and talented, but also…

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