Alicia Keys No Make Up!

“Not my face, not my mind, not my soul, not my thoughts, not my dreams, not my struggles, not me emotional growth. Nothing.”

Alicia Keys penned a powerful essay on Lenny where she depicted the struggles and pressures that women go through to look a certain way. While men have always been judged by what they have, women have always been pressured to look a certain way. Such pressure have cause a negative competitive air between women, on the streets, in the work place amongst friends and family. ‘The pretty one always keeps ugly friends….’ We’ve all heard that comment one or thrice in our lives.

There is always that moment in a girl’s life where you try to be perfect and you will you can only achieve this by looking a certain way. Why else would you find women piling on the make-up products on their face, disregarding the health of both their skin and pockets? (Check out makeup diet) let’s be honest, there are women who don’t relate, because makeup isn’t a part of their daily regiment.

In her letter, Alicia keys stated how she face scrutiny when she was thrust in the forefront of the music industry. Hers was a big change, while for others it may be a simple thing as taking a selfie with your friends. That feeling of being inadequate. We’ve had that once in our lives.


If you feel like your dislike for yourself is overweighing the like, this could be an awesome challenge for you. Not to prove anything to others but to yourself. Challenge your everyday life by stepping out bare faced. Each day find something new that you like about yourself. Don’t just take a picture of yourself when you have makeup on, try just being you.

“I felt powerful because my initial intentions realized themselves. My desire to listen to myself, to tear down the walls I built over all those years, to be full of purpose, and to be myself!” she writes. “The universe was listening to those things I’d promised myself, or maybe I was just finally listening to the universe, but however it goes, that’s how this whole #nomakeup thing began. Once the photo I took with Paola came out as the artwork for my new song ‘In Common,’ it was that truth that resonated with others who posted #nomakeup selfies in response to this real and raw me.”

Celebrities like Nia Long have taken the #nomakeup selfies to support Alicia Keys movement.




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