So 28

No boyfriend

No potentials

and the ‘when am I going to see my grandchild’, ‘kweli umerogwa’ (have you been cursed) comments.

When people ask me why i don’t have a boyfriend, my honest answer is I don’t have the time, the patience and the tolerance. Picture this, a tango with ‘prince charming’ only to turn on the lights to find an asshole staring back at you. That is when he’s gotten his head out of that other girl’s tits first. Not interested.

At this point in my life, i kind of want something simple, exciting and thrilling. I’ll take a (Enrique) Gil or a (James) Reid any day. Television have given us these unattainable perceptions of what mister right looks like. Plus it only gets worse when they go from reel to real. If you watch Filipino tv shows you understand what I mean.

It makes you hopeful and hopeless at the same time. Definitely disillusioned.

Here is a question, when do you know you have found the right one. In my head the right one is someone who will make me smile just because, make me laugh just because. The guy who will take all reasoning and cautiousness out of my character and make me do stuff just because. ‘Til then it’s just me and my books.

Until then this is my potential boyfriend. I’m thinking of taking this on come January.  Be Afrika


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